I have studied and practiced photography in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 7 years. I am also a professional salsa dancer and teacher, and have performed all over the world. My travels have give me the opportunity to take photos of numerous people and breathtakingly beautiful sights. The unusual lands and people that I have seen have given me a unique eye for what is interesting in a person, in a location, or, as in this picture, in the face of a boy.

Four Years ago i started a new aventure doing wedding films. I love it! Creating a love story is so much fun. I can happily said Wedding Films became my favorite way to show and express the couples loves from each other.

Why hire me as your photographer or Filmmaker!

I am very passionate about my work, and I care about each of our clients. My approach to every event, wedding, or party is to tell your story in a fun way that reflects your unique personality and style. For weddings we know that details matter—the location, your dress, shoes, flowers, jewelry, friends, family etc. I will provide complete coverage of your event. 

I work discreetly to capture the natural emotion of your day, balancing spontaneous images alongside elegant, traditional styles to create a collection of beautiful pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.